I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

Singer/composer for Lamniformes. Drummer for hire. Writer for Wine & Pop and Unrecorded. The Epoch Is Now.



My first book, fun:danger::danger:fun is still available as well! Check it out on my Etsy, here:


In COMPELLING black and white, culled from my archive of long lost favorites (RIP:  Old Silent Barn, Double Dagger, These Are Powers) and young, budding superstars (members of The Epoch, Bluffing, Gradients & the So So Glos).


Original blurb:

I say: My first zine, lovingly created for the fans. Made up of images and fragments of images culled from my extensive photographic record of all-ages New York concerts. Shipping is included in the price!

Quimby’s (Chicago) says: Lotsa show photos, bands jumpin’ and screamin’, compiled filthy, smoky houseshow hordes, collaged and un-collaged. Is this really all going on in New York? I don’t think I’ve been to a show in that town where anyone’s done more than nod their head to the beat. Thanks for the glimmer of hope, Richard. -EF 26p, b&w “eggshell finish”, 5.5”x8.5”

Matt FX (MTV Skins) says: The only two books on my coffee table are this and Amy Sedaris’ book on entertaining.

Joe Ahearn (Clocktower Gallery, Silent Barn, amazing human) says: Awesome.

Still awesome.



Everyone in Told Slant looks like they’re always uncomfortable as fuck and probably a pain to hangout with

it is a very carefully assembled aesthetic

Anonymous asked: is red chord good lifting music?


Maybe good for lifting up a copy of decibel magazine to find out what beard bands are cool this week